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Crane Work

180 Ton Crane Work

Crane operations require skill from both crane operator and Arborist, and can be extremely dangerous if the Surgeon doesn't know what he is doing. Over loading the crane would spell certain disaster. This type of operation is major tree surgery.

We have carried out over 40 tree removals in this way either because the tree has become too dangerous to deal with using conventional methods of dismantling or because the tree has split or snapped. One of our very first jobs using this method was a snapped scots pine lodged in the canopy of another pine ready to fall and dissect a house in half in Long Ridge Grove, West Byfleet.

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Crane Operations to Take Down a Copper Beech Tree

Here is one of the more difficult crane jobs that we have carried out for a client in Guildford. A beautiful Copper Beech had been thinned and cable braced by ourselves as it had formed a weak fork (a common trait of Beech trees) some years before. Our client with some reluctance decided that the tree should go, there was very little that could have been done to save the tree in its condition.

Crane Work - setting up

This Beech was in the back left hand corner of the garden, and needed to be taken down. It was situated a total of 50 - 60 metres (as the crow flies) from where we parked the crane. It required counter weights of 65 tonnes which arrived on a low-loader.

Crane Work - ready to work

The crane itself is capable of lifting 180 tonnes close in, so once the boom was extended to 50 metres the lifting ability was greatly reduced which meant that the pieces removed had to be less than 4 tonnes otherwise the crane would topple.

Crane Work - the first pieces

All the debris was lifted over 2 houses, so the position of the slings had to be exact. This helps prevent any movement whilst the debris is being carried overhead and also reduce the risk of falling debris that would have proved fatal to the properties underneath. The weight of the piece being lifted over was around 2.5 tonnes.

Crane Work - almost there

This section was the most dangerous, this was the stem where the tree had fractured having put 3 slings on the lateral limbs to provide more support and control. The main trunk started to divide as it was being cut, so Nick decided that it would be provident to wrap a ratchet strap around the stem to hold the pieces together in the event that they separated completely.

Crane Work - safely removed

The ratchet strap held the stem together as it was lifted into the air and over the house roof. At this point, it was weighing a massive 3.8 tonnes!

Crane Work - the final piece

The final piece was removed at about 6.00pm; a long day! It was a welcome sight.  The tree was down, our client's house was safe.

"I just wanted to thank you for an excellent chipping session. You chipped just over 200 tonnes (green measure). This is a great result and underpins my faith in a highly competent crane operator who is always feeding and does not get all snarled up against bigger machines and other operators." - Michael Prior, Stansted Park