Forestry and Estate Management

Redwood Tree Services® have the scale and resources to provide forestry and woodland management services for the largest landowners. We work with a range of commercial clients including golf courses, private estates and local authorities.

We can provide full assessment and tree mapping services for national estate work and an annual tree management plan as required. We also have more than thirty years’ experience in forestry and logging and manage several forestry estates for overseas clients.

The Skills and Resources You Need

We have a bespoke range of forestry equipment designed specifically to deal with small, complicated, and environmentally sensitive sites. Having this type of equipment doesn’t prevent us from tackling the larger forestry clearances or woodland thinning projects as it’s also beneficial on these types of sites as well, to mitigate ground damage and accessibility.

We can also deal safely and efficiently with hazards such as Oak Processionary Moth and Pine Processionary Moth caterpillars using our specialist equipment in the event that we find these during the course of the project.

All woodland projects are checked prior to commencement for any European protected species, and where necessary, protective measures implemented to safeguard the ecology of the site.


Hazel and Chestnut trees are the two main species managed through coppicing. These trees can be reduced back to ground level in order to allow them to regenerate. 

Our team of experienced and qualified staff can complete this work safely and efficiently.

All byproducts produced during these operations are recycled, used in local industry for charcoal or hazel fencing, and residue waste from this process is normally chipped for biomass to support our commitment to renewable energy.


Proud To Be ARB Approved

We are proud to be Arboricultural Association approved. We are Check a Trade approved, CHAS accredited and Surrey Trading Standards approved. All works are compliant with BS 3998 2010 Tree Works. We have full public liability insurance.

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Specialist partners

We work with an expert tree carver who can turn dead trees into a sculptural feature. We can also recommend electrical specialists for tree lighting.