Consultancy, Reports and Surveys

Tree Protection Orders

If your tree has a TPO that doesn’t mean you can’t do any work on it, just that the work needs to be approved first. The local authority will always require supporting evidence in the form of a tree report or resistographing. We have good relationships with the local authorities and can manage the whole process for you.

BS 5837 Tree Reports

We often provide consultancy for development or construction sites near to trees and can provide tree reports as required.

Tree Condition and Hazard Reports

Redwood Tree Services® can provide a full assessment of your trees, including aerial inspection of the canopy if required. Tree reports for mortgage assessments can also be provided.

Forestry Surveys

We can provide a full survey and assessment of forestry or woodland sites and a plan for future management.


We have a full range of specialist technology available for the assessment of tree health and structural integrity.