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Crane Dismantling Operations

Removal Of Beech Tree

We've carried out numerous crane operations with Lee Lifting Crane Specialists, they are probably the best crane company in the South East,well once again it was time for some additional help removing some very large chunks of wood on a very differcult site in East Horsley.

Gary from Lee Lifting did a superb job of getting the crane sited and ready for work,and removed each section with precision!

The crane seen operating here is a 22t City and where it was sited could lift 4 tons, the tree was about 80ft tall, the heaviest trunk section removed was 1.3tons and the lightest was 150kg and took approximately 1 1/2 hours to do, the branches where removed using lowering ropes and took 2 days to do which included chipping the waste created as it was important to keep the site as clear as possible as there was litte room to operate. Nick was using his favourite saw, a Husqvarna 371xp with all-round handle, fitted with a 24" bar and used a Husqvarna 395xp fitted with a 36" bar for the final trunk section. The remaining 14ft trunk we left standing as it is going to be carved.

The following video shows how we carry out a tree removal using a crane!

This is another project where we had to pollard a Horse Chestnut previously pollarded at 15ft and very decayed from invasive surgery, so once again we were called in for a site visit with a view to remove the tree surrounded by sheds, power lines and very expensive block paving and to make things a little more interesting a road. Fortunately our client was in the throws of a building project, which was going to require the use of a crane to lift the roof structure into place, we already knew of a very good company who supplied cranes (Lee Lifting Crane Specialists), one call and it was all sorted, a date for the work was arranged,so the only thing left to be said is enjoy the film!