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Storms in 2007

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Up Rooted Pine

The aftermath of the 2007 storms showed all of us just how vulnerable trees are and what can happen given the right conditions. Above is a prime example, a perfectly heathly Scots Pine up rooted because of heavy rains followed by strong winds a perfect recipe for disaster,having been fortunate enough to witness the full strenght of winter storms and having seen this sight all to often in the forests of scotland as a commercial logger, it was only right that on this occassion we should employ our companies Valtra T120 forestry tractor which made extremely light work of this problem, each trunk section was grabbed and lowered to the ground.It was amazing that there were no fatalities or injuries as the tree fell to the right of the property just catching the lower right hand corner of the roof,The garage roof and garden shed where badly damaged along with a couple of fence panels which were all covered by the clients insurance.

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In addition an adjacent Scots Pine had sustained an impact by the falling tree which was also removed as there was evidence that the root plate had been disturbed, lifting of lateral roots pretruding though the ground and cracks around the extremity of the root plate were all visible,this tree was dismantled using a mobile crane supplied by Lee Lifting, with the assistance of Camberley Police controlling the traffic, within 1 hour the tree was removed and all waste cleared.

"I would like to thank you and your staff for a job well done for carrying out a difficult job in such a small garden safely." (Leylandii cypress removal) - J. Moore, Guildford