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The environment that we live in is changing. Various factors, both natural and man made, are producing changes that our environment cannot deal with. Major factors include climate change and pollution. While the scientists are still not agreed on the reasons for climate change, clearly we are facing a worldwide challenge.

Redwood Tree Services is proud of its environmentally sound practices and included in these is our commitment to turning "green waste" into fuel for household energy.

Trees use carbon dioxide to grow, the carbon is used in the structure of the tree, so when the tree has reached an age where it can be felled and burnt as fuel, during the burning process it releases the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere that it has collected over years of growth, only to be reused by other trees still growing.

What Is Biomass?

Fuel from sustainable sources such as wood, is ideal for biomass production. logs or branch wood Reduced to chippings, can be used in power stations to produce electricity and domestic houses for heating. Biomass is sustainable and clean! It is essential that the process of felling the timber, extracting to roadside, chipping and then finally transporting the fuel to the end user in this case a commercial power station is all done with the lowest carbon foot print as possible, otherwise it is a wasted exercise! At Redwood Tree Services Ltd we have achieved this and pride ourselves in proving that it is possible!

How Is It Done?

It is a very simple process to turn green waste into chips. The production of wood chip for power stations, like small boilers has to be consistent in size. Depending on boiler specifications the size of chips can vary from 30mm up to 50mm.Another critical element to burning wood chip in boilers is moisture content. For boilers to operate at maximum efficiency the moisture content has to be less than 30%. we do this by storing wood in stacks to allow sufficient aeration.

Contract Chipping

We use a crane feed chipper built on our own custom built twin axle chassis for contract chipping as well as for our own wood chipping operation. This machine will produce approximately 10 - 15 tons an hour of high grade wood chip fuel. We crane feed the chipper with a 155 horse power Valtra tractor fitted with a Farmi-forest crane, an excellent combination.

Any body looking to develop their own wood chipping operation, you wont find a better tractor or crane to do this task. Having had Valtra Tractors for the last 11 years along with Farmi Cranes, Trailers and winches for the same length of time, both Valtra and FarmiForest products have given excellent service and still continue to do so!

"I would like to thank you and your staff for a job well done for carrying out a difficult job in such a small garden safely." (Leylandii cypress removal) - J. Moore, Guildford