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In January 2012 Redwood Tree Services Ltd were successful with a planning application for change of use from agricultural to timber storage & wood chipping processing operation at Ruxbury Farm, Chertsey.

Redwoods Tree Station will continue to supply high quality woodchip to both TV Bio-energy and Slough Heat and Power.

Surrey County Council where very supportive in Nick and Tina's proposed Tree Station with a decisive 11 votes in favour. The Tree Station meet very strong opposition from Runnymede Borough Council and was referred to Surrey County Council in late 2010 for consideration.

On the 13th May 2011 After a six year long legal battle Tina & Nick of Redwood Tree Services Ltd won a ' Passing Off ' action brought against Warren Aspey , Coopers Hill, Eversley, Hampshire, trading as Redwood Tree Surgeons.

Warren Aspey was found guilty in the Patents County Court a division of the High Court of 'Passing Off ' after a 3 day trial and as a result an Injunction preventing him from trading , advertising and procuring work in all GU , KT and SL post codes with the name Redwood or any other similar name that could cause confusion with Tina's company Redwood Tree Services Ltd was put in place, although the Judge felt it neccessary to attach a penal notice to the injunction that if any of the conditions of the injunction were not adhered to may result in a prison sentence.

Warren Aspey was also told to display the High Court Citation on his website for six months ,although the injunction is permanent.

For the second time in 21 years Nick and the lads were called to rescue a cat in West Byfleet which had somehow lodged its self in a sycamore tree for about 24hrs, Nick went up on ladders tied into the tree and then carefully approached the moggy she was very welcoming and was very happy to climb into the racksack attached to Nicks front, Nick zipped it up and proceeded to ascend to the ground. The cat was extremely pleased to see her owner, another successful rescue!

Redwood Tree Services Ltd would like to inform all our clients and potential clients that there are fraudsters posing as Redwood Tree Services and claiming to be related to Nick Rose Operations Manager at Redwood Tree Services Ltd.They are aggressive and prepared to threaten criminal damage and demand cash if you waste there time.They are driving around in either a white transit truck or a white Toyota pick-up truck,with a caged tipper body sign written in green with the words Redwood Tree Services on the front and sides,they also wearing green t-shirts and fleeces, which is the same uniform as the operatives at Redwood Tree Services Ltd.

They are leaflet dropping all over Woking and surrounding Boroughs, claiming to be checkatrade and council approved contractors which they are not. If you get a postcard sized business card though your letter box, be aware that other clients of Redwood Tree Services Ltd have had run ins with them, please be vigilant and donot use them, If you already have a quotation from Redwood Tree Services Ltd please donot show them it as they will take the quotation away with them and within half an hour phone you doubling the cost of your quotation.

Another unsuspecting member of the public was conned out of £800.00 cash for trimming 8 small branches of an Oak tree and an Ash tree, Nick looked at the quality of workmanship and was shocked by the condition of the cuts left on the tree and the small amount that had been trimmed,I estimated that the total cost of the work that had been carried out was approximately £100.00.

Another client was conned out of £400.00 to have her drive washed.

We really need your help to stop these criminals, please report any work carried out by these people to either Nick or Tina at Redwood Tree Services Ltd

We would advise contacting the police or trading standards in the event of any problems relating to the rogue Redwood Tree Services.

We would also advise you to Never use anyone who puts leaflets though your door

Redwood Bio-Fuels a subsidiary of Redwood Tree Services Limited, in the last month has supplied 420 cubic metres of biomass fuel to Slough Power Station and an additional 140 cubic metres of high grade wood chip fuel to local boilers in the Chertsey and Maidenhead areas. Demand for our high grade wood chip fuel is set to increase as we progress into winter.