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Woodland areas like individual trees need to be managed. If a woodland is not managed properly, in extreme cases, it can result in the woodland being clearfelled, purely to remove the risk it presents to urban/residential developments, roads or the general public. This need not be the case if a sound woodland management programme is in place.


Comprehensive Forestry and Woodland Services

  • Selective Thinning
  • Coppicing
  • Land Clearance
  • Timber Extraction
  • Contract Chipping
  • Establishment
  • Re-planting
  • Low ground pressure equipment
  • Clear Felling
  • Rhododendrum management
  • Stump Removal

Fully Project-Managed Forestry Services

Our woodland and forestry services are carried out by fully qualified, experienced tree surgery specialists. From our base in Woking, Surrey, we've been engaged to undertake several large and diverse projects in the south of England for both private clients and councils, hiring in companies with state of the art harvesting equipment, along with our own in house timber extraction equipment means that ground damage is limited to a minimum if any at all.



Our experienced team will fully manage your project, from submitting the application to the Forestry Commission and Local Authority and liaising with local residents and wildlife specialists to felling, extracting timber and chipping waste material and finally eco stacking residue waste, re-planting and re-instatement of the ground. We'll handle an entire project from start to finish.

Forest and Woodland Conservation and Preservation

There are several issues with woodland management that are important and should be considered before carrying out any work:

  • What effect will it have on the surrounding area
  • What effect will it have on local wildlife
  • Have the Forestry Commission and Local Authority been informed
  • Do you have a Felling licence
  • Have Local Residents been informed
  • Will access into the site present a problem or cause excessive damage to the ground
  • What can be done to limit the impact of the work
  • Is there a risk of pollution to water courses/ponds/rivers
  • What will happen to all arising from the site, ie logs, branch wood, stumps

"F. has wished me to write and thank you for the excellent job you and your team did last Thursday. He reached the conclusion that our back garden looked like a mini stately home after you had finished! I must admit I think it is the best work you have ever done, and has been admired by several of our friends." (Hedge trimming) - Mrs Martin, Guildford