Splitting Logs For Biomass

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We provide high grade wood chip to small boiler users as well as power stations

It is critical to keep moisture content down so that the woodchip produces a high energy > heat output rather than converting the moisture still retained in the chips to steam.

The best method for achieving this is to split the trunks,the tree trunk retains alot of water even when it has been felled, in laymans terms it is effectively a sealed tube filled up with water,so by splitting the trunk it allows the water to escape by evaporating,drying out the log and reducing the moisture content.

We use a 45 ton splitter to split the logs down ready for re-stacking in wind rows by doing this we can season log wood very quickly, it takes approximately 2 months to produce seasoned logs ready for chipping,where previously it would take years.



"I just wanted to thank you for an excellent chipping session. You chipped just over 200 tonnes (green measure). This is a great result and underpins my faith in a highly competent crane operator who is always feeding and does not get all snarled up against bigger machines and other operators." - Michael Prior, Stansted Park