Contract Chipping

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One of the services we provide

Wood Chip Fuel, Hardwood Firewood and Contract Chipping for Biomass

Contract chipping and supplying wood chip fuel is one of the services we provide at Redwood Tree Services ltd. As well as providing biomass fuel for larger power stations, we provide high grade wood fuel with a moisture content of less than 30% for smaller boilers from our own stocks.

We supply all our other wood chip which is about 45% moisture to Power Stations. The logs we recover from our tree surgery and forestry operations are all stacked neatly and air dried at the yard, some will be split to assist in the drying process. In addition to providing this type of fuel, we carry out contract chipping for a number of clients who already have their own wood fuel boiler system installed.

To find out more about wood chip supplies, Firewood and the contract chipping services we provide, get in touch.

We are in the process of constructing  our Tree Station at Elm Nursery in Sutton Green. In addition to these services we are hoping to be able to supply in 2018 landscaping products from the bi-products for our woodfuel recycling operations.  

"I just wanted to thank you for an excellent chipping session. You chipped just over 200 tonnes (green measure). This is a great result and underpins my faith in a highly competent crane operator who is always feeding and does not get all snarled up against bigger machines and other operators." - Michael Prior, Stansted Park