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The Healthy Alternative

Alkylate Petrol Is The Healthy Alternative To Regular Fuel

At Redwood Trees, we continue to find ways to work in a safe and environmentally sensitive way. Our credentials are impeccable in this area and we want do our bit to spread the message about the use and development of safer fuels and work practices - both for the planet and for our employees and customers.

One of the ways we do this is by using alkalyte petrol for our equipment. Alkylate petrol has been developed to give an alternative to traditional fuels. It's free from aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, sulphur and olefins with all their associated health risks. Aspen 2t is a ready mixed special petrol for 2-stroke engines, e.g., chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, mopeds, lawnmowers and other air-cooled two stroke engines. Aspen 4t is used for lawnmowers, rotary cultivators, boats and other four stroke engines.

Cleaner Fuel

Alkylate fuel is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels. It has a lot less pollutants than regular petrol, it runs cleaner, keeps your engine cleaner with fewer deposits thus cleaner plugs and a better starting engine. Alkylate fuels can even remove some of the deposits left by traditional fuels, it might be a bit smokier for a few days but once clear the engine will run a lot sweeter.

Healthy Fuel vs. Less Harmful Fuel

Petrol is made by refining crude oil, it comprises hundreds of different substances many of which can be harmful to us. Of the many chemicals that are harmful, the dangerous effects of benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons have been well documented.

Benzene builds up in the tissue and is considered one of the most harmful substances to our health and wellbeing, it is a well known carcinogenic and can cause leukaemia; it can also cause genetic damage. Aromatic hydrocarbons build up in healthy tissue and are the possible cause chronic nerve damage. They can also cause chronic fatigue and nausea.

Environmental Considerations

Exhaust emissions from traditional fuels can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Alkylate fuels have lower emissions of hydrocarbons such as sulphur dioxide with causes acid rain pollution or nitrous oxide which contributes to acid rain and inner city smog.

Economic Benefits

There's no need to change your equipment, all that's necessary is to switch to alkylate petrol and fuel mixtures. Alyklate fuel has the added benefit of containing no unsaturated hydrocarbons which cause a build up of resins in carburettors, valves and pistons. This means maintenance costs are lower, engines are less stressed and can last up to 30% longer.

Where Can I Purchase This Type Of Fuel?

Redwood Tree Services Ltd is a Dealer for all Aspen petrol products and Aspen Bio Oil products, A full list of Aspen products is available on request from our office,or contact Tina or Nick on 01483 481175 for more details.

Redwoods philosophy is, to lead by example, this is why we use Aspen petrol, maybe you should consider changing your fuel?

"I just wanted to thank you for an excellent chipping session. You chipped just over 200 tonnes (green measure). This is a great result and underpins my faith in a highly competent crane operator who is always feeding and does not get all snarled up against bigger machines and other operators." - Michael Prior, Stansted Park