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Nick Rose, Operations Manager at Redwood Tree Services Ltd is very pleased to inform all clients and potential clients that for the 3rd year running we have been successfully accredited with CHAS for 5 or more employees.

Redwood Tree Services Ltd is committed to ensuring a high standard of Health and Safety and encourage professional development of all staff that work for the company.

Redwood Tree Services Ltd is pleased to annouce the registration of its name as a trademark.

Nick and Tina from Redwood Tree Services Ltd have had a very informative 1 days training course regarding Bats and how they affect tree work operations, the course covered everything from biology to the law and how it plays a major part when dealing with bats in trees.

A very good introduction to Bats run by the Bat Conservation Trust and the Arboricultural Association. A must for anyboby involved with trees and arboriculture.

First Aid Training

Redwood tree services Ltd have just renewed all there first aid training and are pleased that Tina , Nick , John and Alex are qualified to carry out first aid.Well Done everybody!

On the 28th February Redwood Tree Services Ltd were involved with removing a very large Cedar tree, I would estimate that the tree was between 200-250 years old, so a sad day when a veteran tree such as this one has to be felled!

Redwood Tree Services Ltd were contacted last year to carry out a quotation for tree works at a property in Worplesdon, our client requested a quote to trim or reduce the canopy of the Cedar as the limbs were becoming to big and heavy and as a result one of the larger limbs had already failed and snapped last year, a common trait of Cedar trees when they reach this size and age.

When Nick Rose inspected the tree , he discovered a fungal body growing on the main trunk called Phaeolus Schweinitzii a trunk rotting fungus, this wasnt picked up by any of the other companies who attended the property to quote for the work.

Having spoken with our client at great lenght Nick advised that further tests should be carried out to determine the extent of the decay as he knew that the client would be wasting money having the tree trimmed if it was then condemned on safety grounds, so it was decided that Simon Holmes an Expert Consultant from Reading should visit the site and carry out a Picus test on the tree, this equipment is designed to detect decay inside the tree by using sound waves, it then uses the information sent to a laptop computer to show an ariel picture of the tree trunk using different colours to depict various levels of decay.

Unfortunately the results were conclusive with approximately 90% decay present the tree would have to be felled.

So with the wheels set in motion Nick advised the client that to remove the tree in a safe and controlled manner a crane should be used, so one call to Lee Lifting and liasing with the Site Assessment Manager it was decided that a 55ton all terrain crane should be used, the ground would also require plating to protect the drive, this was done to prevent the crane from sinking into the drive and becoming unstable.

Nick and his highly trained team ,John,Toby and Mark along with the two chaps from Lee Lifting, Perry and Dean, had the tree felled in one day with no damaged done to the surrounding House, garages and fences a job well done.

Now the clean up, our Valtra tractor was well employed hauling 5 large forestry trailer loads of logs off site on the 29th Feb, averaging 5-6tons per load a grand total of approximately 25-30 tons, the lop and top was chipped using our crane fed chipper,which filled up our custom built 30 cubic metre trailer, ready for delivery to the power station in Slough.

The tree was extensively decayed, logging down the main trunk revealled approximately 75% of the main structure had rotted away , with pockets of decay extending into the lateral roots, there was some sound wood but not much that wasnt showing signs of the onset of decay.