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Back to Bandit !

Nick and Tina have decided that having had extensive problems with their 2 stump grinders it was time to call in the experts once again, so a quick call to Dean at Global Recycling to find out what bandit had to offer has resulted in the purchase of 2 fantastic machines each model with its own unique features , the first machine the Bandit 2250xp has a hydraulic drive cutting wheel which devours the larger stumps we get called upon to remove and the Bandit HB 20xp a hydraulically drive machine which has a unique pivot point in the middle that removes the effort required to use conventional stump grinders although with a belt driven cutting wheel this machine has proven itself well on the smaller and more differcult to reach stumps.

As always with Bandit machines you have the back up and support of Global Recycling which makes all the difference.

With these two machines added to our fleet of equipment we will be able to provide a much improved and reliable stump removal service.