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Bandit 75 for Redwood Tree Services Ltd

Tina and Nick have been getting demo wood chippers for the last couple of months to see which chipper would suit the ever growing and demanding needs that tree surgery puts on the equipment we use to do our clients work.

Nick phoned Global Recycling the main uk Bandit chipper dealer and had a look at the extensive range of chippers they do, we wanted a chipper that was easy to maintain with good access to the engine, blades and other main components that need to be greased and checked on a regular basis, the chipper had to be powerful and not lacking in horse power when at full capacity, the Bandit 75 is packing a 45hp diesel engine,double the power of our last machine its performance is outstanding,it had to be a very safe machine to operate with all safety features such as a push stick and emergency stop switches, and finally it had to have a capacity to deal with all material we generate on site from hedge cutting to 7" diameter logs, the in feed to the Bandit 75 is 12"wide 7"height.

Weve used alot of machines to carry out this operation but have never used a machine that devours wood like the Bandit 75, it is a well constructed,easy to maintain, easy to operate,easy to load wood chipper of incredible build quality and power, it has stabliser feet and a lifting jack to help when freeing jammed logs not that ,that happens very often but its there if required, it has safety pins for every application from changing the blades to supporting the main feed roller and locking the feed hopper into place.

Redwood Tree Services Ltd purchased a Bandit 75 wood chipper and took delivery last week , we are all very pleased with the purchase , its nice to deal with a company like Global knowing that not only will they supply a quality machine but have the backup to support and help maintain the machines they supply.

No other machine comes close to a Bandit, you may pay a little more but you are guaranteed a quality built machine, built to work and built to last!