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Redwood Tree Services Ltd were recently contracted in by Guildford Borough Council to remove a Diseased Horse Chestnut prior to Guildford Music Festival.

The tree had to be removed because of a stuctural decay fungus had weakened the upper structure of the tree causing a branch to fail, falling on to the field, the council responded swiftly and Redwood Tree Services Ltd were contracted in to fell the tree after winning the tender, Nick arrived early on site with the heavy gear , which included Redwoods whole tree chipper and 30cubic metre bulk trailer,with Toby delivering our predator stump grinder to site, which speedy removed the stump, the ground was levelled and re-seeded, followed by our truck and chipper which was employed on another contract which needed to be completed.

All the timber and wood chip will be supplied to slough power station as biomass fuel.

The contract was completed in 1 day.